Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Stop Letting Republicans Create the Narrative

I am so far beyond tired of Democrats' inability to change the narrative.  While perusing my RSS feed, I read a story from yesterday on Keystone Politics about Democratic Senator John Yudichak.  He was quoted on PennLive as saying that about not being able to stop Chris Abruzzo's nomination as Secretary of the DEP, 
"But I don't want this to be like Washington where we would apply an ideological litmus test on every issue to every position in state government."  
An "ideological litmus test"?!  Are you kidding me right now?  Accepting scientific fact is not an "ideological litmus test".  Calling the acceptance of climate change an "ideological litmus test" accepts the Republican narrative that you can pick and choose the science you like - that you like any at all, that is.  It accepts the idea that science is a belief system.  Science doesn't need you to believe in it because it exists whether you like it or not.  Democrats like Senator John Yudichak make me scream because instead of changing the narrative they play defense on the Republican narrative.  It's lazy and it's a loser every time.

Yudichak also says:
"If we were going to select a secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection to my liking, we're going to have to elect a Democrat governor,"
Yes, Senator, and in 2014 I hope we'll do that.  Guess what though, we're not asking you to select the perfect Democratic DEP head, but you could at least say, "no, this guy doesn't accept fundamental scientific concepts related directly to his proposed job."

Out of 23 Democrats in the Pennsylvania State Senate exactly 8 voted no on Abruzzo.  Eight.  Eight Senators voted no.  We weren't going to stop Abruzzo from becoming DEP head.  We didn't have to rubber stamp a bad choice.  What is the point of these people?  Seriously.  Someone tell me what the point is.  

So, in order to stop myself from raging out, I'm going to take a moment and thank the eight Senators who didn't rubber stamp Chris Abruzzo's totally ridiculous nomination to be DEP head.  

Thank you, Senator Andrew E. Dinniman.

Thank you, Senator Jim Ferlo.

Thank you, Senator Vincent J. Hughes.

Thank you, Senator Daylin Leach.

Thank you, Senator Judith Schwank.

Thank you, Senator Matt Smith.

Thank you, Senator LeAnna M. Washington.

Thank you, Senator Anthony H. Williams.

Thank you, eight Senators who said "no" even though it didn't stop Chris Abruzzo from being confirmed.  You can always say "no" and you did, so thank you.