Monday, December 2, 2013

Daryl Metcalfe Wants to Defund Planned Parenthood

...I hope I haven't shocked you.  I know, how startling that a dyed-in-the-crazy, ultra-conservative, registered vagina regulator like Metcalfe would want to shut down Planned Parenthood.  It's almost like he has nothing better to do.  That's not entirely true though, and before I tell you about the oh-so innocuously named Whole Women's Health Funding Priorities Act, let's take a moment to look at Metcalfe's co-sponsorship memoranda for the 2013-2014 session.  You can check it out here.

There's a bill to stop local lawmakers from regulating firearms and ammunition and a bill to address the theft of scrap metal.  Of course there's a bill that would address the definition of marriage, because Daryl Metcalfe is the absolute last word in who you can and cannot love.  Since Metcalfe isn't in favor of regulating firearms, even for the sake of our children, he'd like to provide for more guns in our schools via the Empowering School Districts to Provide More Protection bill.  Just in case you didn't know that Daryl Metcalfe supports your Second Amendment Rights, he introduced a bill that would prohibit new federal gun laws from being enforced in Pennsylvania.  That would, of course, be totally unconstitutional...not that Daryl Metcalfe cares because GUNS!

Next there's a slew of bills dealing with the Pennsylvania Open Workforce Initiative which, again, sounds really great, but it's all about destroying unions.  The upshot of this nonsense would be that Pennsylvania becomes a right-to-work state.  Incidentally, you should check out this page on Media Matters to read some myths and facts about right-to-work laws and states that will give you a leg up the next time a conservative friend tries to sell you a line of manure.

Where was I?  Oh yes, the Voter Referendum.  This fun piece of legislation "would require any and all future local property tax increases, unless the increases are for public health or safety concerns, be approved by a voter referendum."  No.  

And the final thing prior to today's piece of garbage?  The resolution to impeach Kathleen Kane for refusing to defend PA's bogus denial of same-sex marriage.  So yeah, so far great record.

And now the Whole Women's Health Funding Priorities Act.  The upshot here is that Metcalfe's bill would take public funding away from Planned Parenthood.  See here:
"Additionally, the legislation will prohibit the Department of Health from entering into any contract with or providing grants to any entity that performs non-federally qualified abortions."
The full text of this bill isn't available yet, but I'll definitely report again when I can read the whole thing.  Take a moment and write Daryl Metcalfe an email or give him a call and tell him that you'd like him to focus getting Pennsylvanians jobs instead of regulating how Pennsylvanian women take care of their bodies.  If you aren't going to support women's health then you can at least get the hell out of the way and let people who really care handle it.