Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Sky is Blue and Republicans Are Slut-Shaming

So here, apparently, is one of the new ads meant to encourage young people to get health insurance.  I just read this fun article about the right's insane reaction to the ad.

Let's go over a couple points.  Yes, this ad portrays a woman as being actively into having sex.

Okay, maybe that's just all the points.  Oh...well it promotes the idea of a woman taking responsible precautions prior to engaging in sexual activity.  Okay, two points.

(Warning, the following paragraph may include rape triggers, please read on with caution.)

On the Right, apparently a woman who actively seeks out sexual activity is a "whore" or a "slut".  I'd like to say that the right is just using slut-shaming as a tool to fight Obamacare, but it's really not.  Slut-shaming is de rigeur for the right, and not just from Rush Limbaugh.  Every Republican (or Democratic, for that matter) legislator who pushes legislation to make it harder to get birth control or wants to put in place hurdles to discourage abortion use language that is shaming to women.  Transvaginal ultrasounds?  They don't even care if you look (Tom Corbett certainly doesn't), they just want you to feel the discomfort of someone shoving a piece of plastic inside you because you've already had "the sex" so does that even bother you?  What they're concerned about is punishing us for our immoral behavior.  It's all slut-shaming.

Entirely too many Republicans seem to not understand that taking birth control doesn't mean you have too much sex.  In fact, you could have between zero sex and all the sex and you'd still take the exact same amount of birth control.  Learn a fact, Conservatives.  There are actually women who enjoy sex and that's okay.  Liking sex doesn't make you a slut and seeing an ad where a woman is depicted as thinking positively about sex does not encourage sluttiness.  What it does encourage is for women to get some health insurance so they don't have to pay through the nose for birth control, something that we had to fight to have included.  Actually women have to fight to get any of our shit included.  Women had to fight for mandatory maternity coverage.  We didn't get mandatory maternity coverage until the Affordable Care Act so if you are at any point about to say to me that feminism is unnecessary you can turn around and walk away because I'm not interested in talking to you.  (Here's a big double middle finger shout-out to Greg Mankiw)

Look, I could go on, but I have one final question for Republicans who are angry at the idea of women enjoying sex.  If you don't think women should enjoy/want sex...what are the circumstances of your personal sexual encounters?  Follow up question: are they really sad?