Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kathleen Kane Is My Hero

Kathleen Kane is my hero.

Let me back up a minute.  Did you know that Daryl Metcalfe is (or maybe was) trying to get support for filing articles of impeachment against Kathleen Kane?  He's doing that.  You may or may not know what a total looney Daryl Metcalfe is.  I've mentioned his specific obsessions here (guns), here (gays), and here (gaginas?).  His current mania is over the impending doom that will befall us should same-sex couples ever gain the legal ability to *insert dramatic music* marry! 

So look, the wind is blowing pretty clearly.  DOMA was the the first domino in a long line that leads to nationwide marriage equality.  It is now a matter of time and smart people, like Kathleen Kane, know it.  In her capacity as Pennsylvania's Attorney General, Kane has declined to defend Pennsylvania's own law that states that marriage is between a man and a woman.  She's allowed to do that.  Daryl Metcalfe and other super conservatives are ready to eat their hats about it and so Daryl has been pounding the pavement around Harrisburg trying to find Republicans to co-sponsor his shenanigans.

How does one respond to Daryl Metcalfe?  It's hard to say.  Brian Sims did a pretty good job after the whole "open rebellion against God" thing.  He called out Metcalfe on his hatred for women and immigrants and gay people and minorities, and that was pretty awesome.  Like I said, that was pretty cool, but Kathleen Kane just laid the full smackdown on Metcalfe:
"Rep. Metcalfe's goals of media attention and political gamesmanship are accomplished through loud, arrogant and misguided claims. Instead, his priorities should be reforming education, job creation, fixing our transportation system, or making the streets safer for kids and families, and should also include cleaning up the good ol' boys' system of public corruption. Instead, he chooses to focus on wasting time and battling me because I had the gall to run for office, win and serve Pennsylvania as an independent watchdog over the government they desperately want to rule."  - Kathleen Kane, via PennLive
There's more.  Seriously, if you haven't read the whole thing, you should really go do that because it's awesome.  I'm just adding this incident to the growing list of reasons why Kathleen Kane is my hero.